Smart Mechatronics and Robotics

Smart Mechatronics and Robotics research group focuses on the development of robotic and mechatronic technologies meanwhile examining the effectiveness of the associated systems engineering design methodology. The mission of Smart Mechatronics and Robotics research group is: "where systems engineering and modular robotics result into innovations". Watch the video below to learn more.

Robots are indispensable integral parts of a more sustainable and safer world

Abeje Mersha Saxion
Abeje Mersha, Professor of Unmanned Robotic Systems - Read the interview

Our knowledge output usually results in demonstrators. We have made several videos of this, such as modular mechatronic building blocks, test results and student projects. The research group is chaired by professor Abeje Mersha.

Smart Mechatronics and Robotics research group is an applied research group (lectorate) of Saxion University of Applied Sciences located in Enschede. Companies, students, teachers and researchers work together on projects that build up knowledge. The research group has a large network of (regional) companies and knowledge institutions. The research is always demand-driven thanks to good contacts with the business community.

Key aspects taken into account while defining the core technological building blocks:

  • Current trends and state-of-the-art;
  • Possibility to claim unique position in the knowledge chain;
  • Availability of expertise (competence);
  • Applicability of technology for various application domains.


Abeje Mersha Saxion

Abeje Mersha

Professor of Unmanned Robotic Systems

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