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Unique programme in co-operation with the University of Greenwich

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    Deventer, dinsdag 18.15 - 21.30 (1x per maand)

The MBA-programme prepares managers for organisation-wide leadership and decision-making. The programme approaches leadership development thematically. Personal development and coaching is a key theme to help you understand your value in the market and to develop plans to optimise your potential. The part-time programme is primarily aimed at individuals who are working full-time
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No pre-master required

To follow this master, there is no pre-master required

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Internationally recognized degree

Saxion University offers this MBA programme in co-operation with the University of Greenwich: successful students obtain an internationally recognized British degree.

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During your study programme

You will obtain a better understanding of the interrelationship of the functional areas of management, that will make you look at business issues from a holistic corporate perspective. You will be able to develop and implement a successful strategy for the organisation. It enables you to get a profound knowledge of functional areas of management, as well as improving your personal performance.

Course content
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After graduation

The aim of the MBA is to prepare managers for organisational leadership and decision making by developing essential skills to help succeed in 21st century business. Designed for professionals looking to advance their business, management and leadership skills.

Graduates have the opportunity to progress rapidly through management in different companies or to apply their skills and knowledge to managing their own businesses.

Career prospects
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