The Mechatronics research group focuses on the development of robotic and mechatronic technologies, which also examine the effectiveness of the associated systems engineering design methodology.

As expressed in the lectoral speech (Dutch text), the lectorate does this according to the principle of 'Robotize your Future, by using our RoboTechLibary' and often does this in relation to the R & D consortium TValley (Dutch website).

Where Systems Engineering and Modular Robotics result into Innovations

Dirk Bekke
Dirk Bekke, Lector Mechatronics

Research lines

Unmanned (Robotics) Systems

Within this research line we are working on new and innovative ground, aerial and underwater robots using the Systems Engineering and Modular Mechatronic building blocks.

For more information about the projects below, please contact associate lector Abeje Mersha.


Unmanned Robotic Systems

Smart Industrial Systems

This research line deals with how robotisation and flexible / reconfigurable production systems can increase human efficiency in the machine building and manufacturing industry (Smart Industry).

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Modular Robotics

This line of research is concerned with the research and development of modular robotics, which are made available to the public as technical building blocks via the RoboTechLibrary. Acquiring knowledge and knowledge management of the modular system by all relevant disciplines is necessary and in addition to technical developments, the subject of research.

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Systems Engineering

The research line deals with effective (systematic) design processes of complex high tech systems. The aim is to investigate which design methods are available and which are effective for which situations (company, product, application). In addition to the technical component, it also has a strong business administration and organizational component.



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The team

Dirk Bekke

Dirk Bekke

Lector Mechatronica


Abeje Mersha

Associate lector, Associate professor, Unmanned Robotic Systems


Roy de Kinkelder

Senior researcher / Project manager


Mick Boe

Assistant researcher


Wilco Bonestroo

Researcher Mechatronics


Dennis Borger

Lecturer / Researcher


Hanieh Esmaeeli

Lecturer / Researcher

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Mark Reiling

Lecturer / Reseacher

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René Meijering

Lecturer / Researcher


Joris Spikker

Lecturer / Researcher


Rob Kleissen

Lecturer / Researcher


Henk Kortier

Docent-onderzoeker Ambient Intelligence

Luciënne Jonker, Saxion

Lucienne Jonker

Project Supporter

Marieke Voordouw.jpg

Marieke Voordouw

Project Supporter

Sander Snellink

Sander Snellink

Programma Manager

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